1: "Yellowstone Bison Attack" Woman mauled in harrowing encounter. Stay alert in bison areas for safety.

2: "Dangers of Bison Encounters" Understand bison behaviors to avoid dangerous situations at Yellowstone National Park.

3: "Park Safety Tips" Follow park guidelines, keep your distance, and stay in designated areas to prevent bison attacks.

4: "Emergency Response" Know what to do in a bison encounter to protect yourself and others.

5: "Wildlife Awareness" Respect wildlife habitats and keep a safe distance while observing animals at Yellowstone.

6: "Signs of Aggression" Recognize bison warning signs like pawing the ground, snorting, or thrashing.

7: "Incident Prevention" Be aware of your surroundings and avoid surprising or provoking bison in their habitat.

8: "Stay Vigilant" Stay alert, stay safe, and enjoy the beauty of Yellowstone with caution.

9: "Reporting Incidents" If you witness a bison attack, report it to park officials promptly for proper assistance.

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