1: "Tony and Ziva reunite in exciting NCIS spinoff with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo at Paramount Studios in May 2024."

2: "Fans can't wait for the beloved duo to grace their screens once again in this highly-anticipated series."

3: "The chemistry between Tony and Ziva is undeniable, keeping viewers hooked for more twists and turns."

4: "Get ready for action-packed episodes filled with suspense, drama, and unexpected surprises."

5: "Join Tony and Ziva as they tackle new challenges and uncover hidden secrets in their latest adventures."

6: "Paramount's new series promises to deliver riveting storylines and unforgettable moments for fans to enjoy."

7: "Stay tuned for the epic reunion of Tony and Ziva as they embark on a thrilling journey together."

8: "Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo's onscreen magic is sure to captivate audiences worldwide once again."

9: "Mark your calendars for May 2024 and witness the return of Tony and Ziva in this epic NCIS spinoff."

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