1: "Listen to Tennessee Whiskey, Chris Stapleton's soulful hit that's sure to become a favorite."

2: "Fire Away is a powerful ballad with heartfelt lyrics that showcase Stapleton's vocal range."

3: "Broken Halos is a touching tribute to those we've lost, with haunting melodies that linger."

4: "Traveller is a raw, emotional song that captures the essence of Stapleton's storytelling."

5: "Parachute is a catchy tune with an infectious rhythm that will have you singing along."

6: "Millionaire is a sweet love song that highlights Stapleton's country roots and soulful voice."

7: "Second One to Know is a high-energy track that showcases Stapleton's rock-infused sound."

8: "Whiskey And You is a poignant ballad with a stripped-down acoustic arrangement that showcases Stapleton's songwriting skills."

9: "Starting Over is a reflective track that showcases Stapleton's growth and maturity as an artist."

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