1: Title: Easy Shrimp Alfredo Recipe Introduction: Learn how to make a delicious Shrimp Alfredo in just 15 minutes!

2: Step 1: Cook shrimp in a skillet Description: Sauté shrimp in butter until pink and cooked through.

3: Step 2: Prepare Alfredo sauce Description: Mix cream, garlic, and Parmesan cheese in a saucepan until creamy.

4: Step 3: Combine shrimp and sauce Description: Mix shrimp with Alfredo sauce and simmer for a few minutes.

5: Step 4: Cook pasta Description: Boil fettuccine in salted water until al dente.

6: Step 5: Combine pasta and sauce Description: Toss cooked pasta with shrimp Alfredo sauce until well coated.

7: Step 6: Serve hot Description: Garnish with parsley and grated Parmesan before serving.

8: Enjoy your quick and tasty Shrimp Alfredo! Description: Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner or special occasions.

9: Get ready to impress with this flavorful dish! Description: Try this easy Shrimp Alfredo recipe for a simple yet delicious meal.

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