1: Welcome to a guide on understanding your hair type. Knowing your unique hair texture is the first step to proper care.

2: Straight hair tends to be oilier at the roots. Use mild, hydrating shampoo to keep it clean and vibrant.

3: Wavy hair benefits from lightweight products to define curls. Avoid heavy oils that can weigh down your waves.

4: Curly hair craves moisture to reduce frizz and define curls. Use creamy conditioners and styling creams for best results.

5: Coily hair needs extra moisture to stay healthy and defined. Deep condition regularly to keep coils hydrated and bouncy.

6: Thick hair can be prone to frizz. Use smoothing creams and oils to tame flyaways and create a sleek finish.

7: Fine hair can easily become flat. Use volumizing products and avoid heavy conditioners to maintain volume and bounce.

8: Damaged hair requires special attention. Use repairing treatments and gentle products to restore health and shine.

9: No matter your hair type, proper care is essential for healthy, beautiful locks. Embrace your unique texture and shine!

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