1: Experts say never refrigerate these food items to avoid spoiling their taste and texture.

2: 1. Tomatoes: Cold temperatures can make them lose flavor and become mushy.

3: 2. Potatoes: Refrigeration can turn their starch into sugar, affecting their taste.

4: 3. Onions: Store them in a cool, dry place instead of the fridge to prevent mold.

5: 4. Garlic: It can sprout and lose its flavor when refrigerated.

6: 5. Honey: Refrigeration can cause crystallization. Store it at room temperature.

7: 6. Bread: Storing bread in the fridge can make it dry and stale quickly.

8: 7. Avocados: Keep them out of the fridge until they are ripe to avoid spoiling.

9: 8. Coffee: To maintain its freshness and flavor, store coffee in an airtight container.

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