1: "Farewell, Blue Bloods! CBS announced the long-running show will end after 14 seasons."

2: "The Reagan family saga comes to an epic conclusion. Don't miss the final season on CBS."

3: "Fans are gearing up for the emotional series finale next year."

4: "After 14 incredible seasons, Blue Bloods bids farewell to its loyal viewers."

5: "Join the Reagan family one last time as they say goodbye on CBS."

6: "The end of an era: Blue Bloods wraps up its successful run next year."

7: "Get ready for the dramatic conclusion of Blue Bloods after 14 seasons."

8: "The final countdown begins for Blue Bloods as the show prepares to end next year."

9: "Thank you for the memories, Blue Bloods. Don't miss the final season on CBS."

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