1: Fans of Blue Bloods can't contain their excitement after Donnie Wahlberg hints at a possible romance between Danny and Maria.

2: The chemistry between the two characters has always been evident, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating a potential relationship.

3: With Wahlberg's recent comment, hopes are at an all-time high for a romantic storyline to unfold between Danny and Maria.

4: The dynamic between the two characters has captured the hearts of fans, making a romantic storyline a highly desired outcome.

5: Donnie Wahlberg's teasing comment has sparked a renewed sense of hope among Blue Bloods fans for a possible Danny and Maria romance.

6: Viewers are buzzing with excitement over the possibility of Danny and Maria taking their relationship to the next level on Blue Bloods.

7: Wahlberg's hint at a potential romance has fans eagerly speculating on how the storyline between Danny and Maria will develop.

8: The anticipation for a romantic connection between Danny and Maria has reached new heights following Donnie Wahlberg's intriguing statement.

9: With the sparks flying between Danny and Maria on Blue Bloods, fans are more hopeful than ever for a love story to unfold on screen.

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