1: "Classic French Tip" Elevate your look with a traditional French manicure featuring a crisp white tip.

2: "Colored Tips" Add a pop of color to your French manicure by opting for a vibrant hue on the tips.

3: "Negative Space Design" Embrace the latest trend of negative space by leaving parts of your nails bare with a French manicure twist.

4: "Metallic Accents" Make a statement with metallic accents on your French manicure for a modern and edgy look.

5: "Ombre French Manicure" Blend two complementary colors together for a beautiful ombre effect on your French manicure.

6: "French Manicure with Patterns" Experiment with fun patterns like stripes or chevrons on your French manicure for a unique style.

7: "French Manicure with Glitter" Add some sparkle to your nails by incorporating glitter into your French manicure.

8: "French Manicure with Rhinestones" For a touch of glamour, adorn your French manicure with rhinestones or other embellishments.

9: "Geometric French Manicure" Get creative with geometric shapes and lines to give your French manicure a modern and artistic twist.

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