1: Sip on a classic Bellini made with peach puree and Prosecco for a refreshing start to your party.

2: Try a twist on the traditional with a raspberry Bellini for a sweet and fruity cocktail option.

3: For a tropical twist, make a mango Bellini with fresh mango puree and Champagne.

4: Pomegranate Bellinis add a burst of color and flavor to your party menu.

5: Make a Bellini mocktail with sparkling water and your favorite fruit juice for a non-alcoholic option.

6: Elevate your party with a blackberry Bellini made with muddled blackberries and sparkling wine.

7: Kick things up a notch with a spicy jalapeno Bellini for a unique and bold cocktail choice.

8: Add a touch of elegance with a rose petal Bellini garnished with delicate edible flowers.

9: Cheers to a memorable party with these 8 Bellini cocktails that are sure to impress your guests.

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