1: Discover the rare 1909-S VDB wheat penny, valued at over $5,000.

2: Learn about the valuable 1914-D wheat penny, with prices exceeding $1,000.

3: Explore the 1922-D wheat penny, worth up to $1,500 for a high-grade coin.

4: Uncover the 1924-D wheat penny, a key date worth over $1,000.

5: Find out about the 1931-S wheat penny, valued at $1,500 and up.

6: Learn about the 1909-S wheat penny, another valuable early date.

7: Discover the rare 1914-S wheat penny, worth over $1,000.

8: Explore the 1915-S wheat penny, a scarce coin with significant value.

9: Find out about the 1922 Plain wheat penny, a rare variety worth thousands.

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