1: Discover the rare 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter, selling for thousands due to minting errors. Don't spend it!

2: The 2005 Minnesota State Quarter, with an extra "doubling" mistake, is fetching high prices among collectors.

3: Collectors go crazy for the 2005 Kansas State Quarter, featuring a "152 degree die rotation" error.

4: The 1983-D Washington Quarter is valuable for its rare double die obverse – keep an eye out for this gem!

5: Check your pocket change for the 1945-S Washington Quarter, worth a pretty penny due to its "double die" error.

6: The 1937-D Washington Quarter, with its "double die reverse" mistake, is a sought-after find among numismatists.

7: The 2015 Saratoga National Historical Park Quarter commands high prices for its "extra leaf" error – keep an eye out!

8: Keep an eye out for the 2005-P Minnesota State Quarter, valued for its "extra tree" error – worth a fortune!

9: The 1999 Delaware State Quarter, with its "spitting horse" error, is a valuable addition to any coin collection.

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