1: Spinach - Packed with calcium, this leafy green is a great dairy-free alternative.

2: Chia Seeds - These tiny seeds are loaded with calcium and can be easily added to various dishes.

3: Almonds - A handful of almonds can provide a good amount of calcium.

4: Sardines - A tasty and nutritious fish that is rich in calcium.

5: Tofu - An excellent plant-based source of calcium, perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

6: Oranges - Surprisingly, oranges contain calcium and are a refreshing way to get your daily dose.

7: Broccoli - High in calcium and versatile to cook with in various dishes.

8: Sesame Seeds - These seeds are a powerhouse of calcium and can be sprinkled on salads or dishes.

9: Fortified Foods - Many food products such as cereals and plant-based milks are fortified with calcium for a healthy option.

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