1: "Broccoli, a calcium powerhouse with more calcium than milk. Enjoy it steamed or in a stir fry!"

2: "Almonds, a tasty and calcium-rich snack. Have a handful for a boost of this essential mineral."

3: "Sardines, packed with calcium and omega-3s. Try them grilled or in a salad for a nutritious meal."

4: "Kale, a leafy green filled with calcium. Add it to smoothies or salads for a healthy dose."

5: "Tofu, a plant-based source of calcium. Enjoy it in stir fry or as a meat substitute."

6: "Oranges, a citrus fruit with surprising calcium content. Snack on them whole or enjoy as juice."

7: "Spinach, a calcium-rich green perfect for salads or sautéing. Add it to your meals for a nutritional boost."

8: "Chia seeds, a tiny superfood packed with calcium. Sprinkle them on yogurt or in smoothies."

9: "White beans, a versatile and calcium-filled legume. Add them to soups or salads for a nutritious meal."

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